Curriculum – Specials

Specials & Extended Day

Chapel & Worship

Chapel is an integral part of our school program. All students will attend a chapel service once a week within their classrooms. Once a month, we gather as a school in the Trinity sanctuary for a special “Big Chapel” where we celebrate together as a community of faithful people. Through classroom and Big Chapel, students become familiar with Biblical stories, texts, and themes. We introduce worship music and the basis for understanding a worship service.

This focus on Christian values provides the center around which all academic, social, and spiritual goals revolve. TEDS recognizes the religious diversity of its community and actively promotes respect and acceptance of all faiths.


Weekly library classes enable students to develop the motivation and skills necessary to read and write. As they hear stories read aloud, look through books on their own, and retell familiar stories, students are given opportunities to grow in the areas of vocabulary, print awareness, and narrative skills. Our TEDS library also offers opportunities for our older students to select and check out books throughout the year, extending reading development beyond our classrooms.

Music & Movement

In our weekly Music & Movement classes, we aim to inspire all areas of child development and skills.  These include intellectual stimulation, social and emotional development and recognition, motor skills, language and even literacy. Early music exposure helps young children learn the sounds and meanings of words. Dancing and rhythmic instrument playing help build motor skills as well as allowing for freedom of expression. Memory skills are strengthened and enhanced through music, early notation reading, and story-telling. 

In addition to weekly classes, our students have the opportunity to showcase their musical and creative abilities through two performances: one during the Christmas holidays and one at the end of the year. 


Trinity Episcopal Day School offers its students an opportunity to be exposed to a foreign language at an early age. Oral introduction to vocabulary is integrated with classroom themes using puppets, songs, and games. The program promotes interest and appreciation for Spanish-speaking people and their cultures, contributing to an attitude of global understanding and awareness.

Extended Day & Enrichment Programs

As an added benefit to our parents, TEDS offers a supervised lunch and childcare program Monday-Thursday until 2:00 p.m. Semester- long enrichment classes are also offered during this time. Class options vary but may include Junior Chef Academy, Science,  Art Masterpiece, Soccer Shots or Gymnastics. Please contact the School Office for details.

Trinity Episcopal Day School

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